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n = 1. The Case Study. How Can We Learn More From Them? PDF Print

Author’s note: This paper was presented at the Australian Homoeopathic Association Conference, Bondi Beach, 2008. The presentation included a number of slides. These are not included below.

Kevin Ryan

This paper is not an exhaustive critical study of literature reports of studies involving a single patient receiving  homoeopathic  treatment.  It  is  presented essentially in  the  defense  of  the  use  of  the  homoeopathic  case  study presentation  of  raw and processed  patient  and medicine  data  as  a  legitimate teaching and learning tool. This paper is also presented to suggest the value of a variation  of  case  study  presentation  that  can  offer  evidence  of  the  long-term effectiveness of applied principles of the homoeopathic paradigm. 

An observation  is made  that  the process of conducting a proving allows  for  the collection of data  that has  ramifications  for homoeopaths when  it  is appreciated that  each  prover  is  an  n=1  case.  This  paper  also  reviews  the  homoeopathic proving  guidelines  that  have  been  described  in  relatively  recent  literature.  It presents  two  very  different  sets  of  outcomes  from  attempts  to  meld  the homoeopathic proving with the randomized clinical trial (RCT). It suggests that an opportunity exists for in-depth studies of the individual as they express the impact that  the  medicine  has  on  their  person.  In  the  broadest  sense  this  may  have profound effect on the materia medica.


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