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Dr Ryan was trained in Naturopathy at the Southern School of Natural Therapies, now in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Whilst all naturopaths are not homœopaths, homœopathy is a stream subject within many Naturopathy courses. Homœopathy was taught as part of the Naturopathy qualification when he graduated in 1975 at the SSNT. The effectiveness and cost benefit to the patient led to Kevin quickly specializing in the practice of homœopathy. Besides this form of medicine Dr Ryan continues to practice the broad-spectrum modality of Naturopathy which also includes herbal medicine and nutritional advice. He also uses the diagnostic tools of iridology and pulse examination. He maintains one of the most comprehensive homœopathic dispensaries in Australia.

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Homœopathy was developed by German physician, linguist and chemist, Dr Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). It is a comprehensive system of medicine based on the principle of ‘likes cure likes’. Hippocrates, often referred to as the Father of Medicine, and healers such as Paracelsus, also believed that substances that can  produce symptoms in a healthy person can be used to treat similar symptoms that present in a sick person.
An example of this concept is found in the humble onion. Many people are very sensitive to the smell of onions when chopping them. To the casual observer the symptoms produced by the released onion vapours could give the impression that the person was suffering with hay fever or the common cold. When the onion (Alium cepa) is prepared as a homœopathic medicine according to the specialised homœopathic pharmacy techniques, it may be used to treat the symptoms of hay fever or the common cold when a person presents with symptoms that mimic those produced by the onion in its crude form.
Homœopathy has been in continuous use for some 200 years. Its origins in Australia date back to 1848. It has varying levels of recognition depending on the country in which it is practiced. It is used in India extensively with in excess of ten thousand doctors of homœopathy prescribing homœopathic medicines. It used widely in France and throughout Britain where there are several homœopathic hospitals with outpatient care accessible under the National Health Service. The most famous of these is the London Homœopathic Hospital in Great Ormond road. The Royal family of England has used homœopathy since the 1830’s when it spread from its origins in Germany. It is recognised by the World Health Organisation and the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia as a traditional form of medicine.


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Western medicine is heroic in nature. It is based on an assessment of signs and symptoms in order to arrive at a diagnosis or disease name. The diagnosis of the illness directly indicates the pharmaceutical drugs that may be used to treat the condition. Infections are caused by bacteria and/or viruses. Pharmaceutical treatment with antibiotics or anti viral drugs is used to kill the invading micro-organisms and hopefully to save lives or to reduce the length and severity of the infection. Inflammation is treated with anti inflammatory drugs that oppose the presenting symptoms.
Homœopathy by contrast supports and strengthens the individual’s person's natural ability to fight infection and counteract inflammation. Homœopaths believe that this occurs through stimulating the body's ability to fight infection as well as assisting the resolution of the susceptibility to disease. Homœopaths recognize that each person has a unique immune system and a genetically determined tendency to certain illnesses. They are aware of the role that both the mind and emotions can play in raising or lowering the susceptibility to become ill.

Homœopathy was developed as a wholistic, evidence based therapy treating patients as individuals. It is used to treat patients of all ages. It has much to offer in pregnancy and the healthcare of children. It is used to treat the symptoms of a wide range of conditions that include:

  • First aid such as bruises and strains, bites and stings, burns and shock.
  • Acute illness including coughs, colds, ear infections, gastro-intestinal infections, and motion sickness.
  • Chronic illness including anxiety and depression, skin conditions, hormone imbalances including conditions appearing at either puberty or menopause, asthma, arthritis,  headache etc..
  • Prevention or intervention where the patient feels unwell but there are no signs of disease.

The first consultation with Dr Ryan will follow the patient having provided a written history or ‘Life picture’ that sets out both the history of the presenting complaint but also of the patient and their family. Questions will follow to clarify patterns of sleep, nutrition and lifestyle choices. Physical examination and assessment of biochemical and pathology investigations may also be required. The history and examination is designed to find a match between the symptoms and individual features of the patient to those that are known to be produced by a medicine when given to a healthy person. Thus three people presenting with the common cold are most likely to be each given a different homœopathic medicine because of their own unique set of symptoms.

Homœopathic medicines are prepared according to strict and unique guidelines as set out in homœopathic pharmacopoeias. In Australia the preparation of homœopathic medicines is under the control of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). They are sourced mainly from minerals and plants. The homœopathic medicines are dilute to very dilute, and are thus considered safe and free from serious adverse reactions when prescribed by a qualified homœopath. In patients where illness may have developed over a lengthy time the treatment may require medicines to be given in sequence over a few months to stimulate the body's innate healing process. Homœopathic medicines may be taken in conjunction with pharmaceutical drugs without any adverse effect.

Even though homœopathic medicines are safe from toxic side effects, healing occurs in different ways in different patients. Many patients experience an immediate improvement. Others will have a sense of increased well being, even while the symptoms remain. A few patients will find old symptoms reappear as part of the healing process. Rarely there is a temporary worsening of symptoms before improvement is apparent. 

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There has been significant media attention to the attitude of homœopaths to vaccination. In reality there are a variety of opinions about this among homœopaths. Some homœopaths support vaccination whilst others are concerned that the long-term effects of vaccination on the immune system are not fully understood and may be linked to chronic disease later in life.  Dr Ryan believes that parents have a right to make their own informed choice about whether or not to vaccinate their child. There has also been media attention to the extension of the use of the known short term effects homœopathic prophylaxis to suggest that certain medicines may have a long term prevention activity against so called childhood diseases. This is another contentious issue among homœopaths. Whilst studies are continuing, the evidence to date has not convinced the wider homœopathic community.


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  • The medicines are best taken ‘in an empty mouth’ away from food or drink. The pillules or tablets may be chewed or crushed between the teeth to assist dissolving in the mouth.
  • Avoid taking the medicine immediately after such substances as mouth washes, tobacco or toothpaste. Drinking strong coffee immediately after taking homÅ“opathic medicines should be avoided.
  • Store the medicine away from extreme heat such as in the glove box of a car, electromagnetic radiation such as mobile phones, and strongly smelling substances such as perfumes and liniments.


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