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Tuesday, 13 July 2010 08:25

Recipes for a Shrinking Planet

Not only has the world become ‘smaller’ with the advent of faster and cheaper airplane travel it has also shrunk in pace with the development of the internet and the information explosion. At the same time that these inter related phenomenon have grown so has our understanding of the fast approaching and seemingly unavoidable catastrophe of global warming. One of the consequences of climate change is that we have become aware of the role that our precious water has in agriculture and just how much water it takes to grow a lettuce from its beginning as a seed until its mature leafy form is washed in the kitchen sink. It takes much more water to grow animals for consumption than it does for non animal, protein rich foods. Animal protein is one step further up the chain of life with water needed for growing the protein containing crops that feed the animals who also consume water. Fertilizer is also another concern for the environment. Ecological concerns suggest that the earth may struggle to continue to produce meat sustainably. Fortunately there has been an increasing trend towards organic and biodynamic methods of sustainable food production.

Popularity has increased in desire for seasonal foods grown locally and food that has been preserved in a sustainable manner such as dried legumes and fruit. To encourage the reader to explore a healthy way of eating here are a few recipes, vegetarian or vegan that are simple in concept, easy and quick to prepare, nutritious and able to be modified for variety of ingredients.

Avoid aluminium cookware as it is leached into food. Stainless steel, glass, enamel and ceramic are better alternatives.

The recipes are selected and arranged according to 5 element considerations of the seasons. Further information on the 5 element classification of foods may be found at http://www.yinyanghouse.com/theory/chinese/five_element_nutrition_theory

Winter for example is the season of the Water element, a time to deeply nourish the body with foods that provide the building blocks of the immune system and foods that counteract the chill of the weather. These recipes contain ginger and other spices that contribute to this warming effect.

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